Mentors support students and help them meet their academic and professional goals.

We can help you navigate through your academic and professional journey by providing resources in the following areas:

• Help students prepare for college at the high school level (courses, extracurricular activities, job shadowing, internships, etc.).
• Help students through the college application process.
• Provide resources for students to write an excellent personal statement.
• Provide resources for students to choose the right school.
• Provide resources on college and program visits and how they help students.

• Inform students about what scholarships are available.
• Provide resources on how to write a competitive scholarship application.
• Provide resources for completing a FAFSA application.

• Provide resources on how and where to apply for summer internships.
• Provide resources on how to find and acquire research positions.
• Inform students about potential job experiences while in college to help them gain meaningful experience.
• Inform students about available services, volunteering opportunities, and how they can make a difference.

• Provide resources for students on how to build a resume.
• Provide opportunities for mock interviews for both schools and jobs.
• Provide resources through peer and professional Q & A panels on how they got where they are today.
• Provide opportunities for mentor-mentee networking events.
• Provide opportunities for community building, networking, and engagement events.

If you would like to contribute your time and expertise in any of the above areas, please contact us at


Resources will be disseminated through workshops, seminars, panels, and networking events.

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High School


Choosing highschool courses that prepare you for collage

Summer Internships and Research opportunities


High School

College Student Panel Q & A - How did they get there



Professional Panel Q & A - How did they get there



Mentor- Mentee Networking


High School

College Visits and Program offerings


High School


College applications and personal statements
Mock interviews



Mentor- Mentee Networking Gala



Resume Building Workshop

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