St. Louis Balkan American Connection

Welcome to the St. Louis Balkan American Connection, where we strive to establish mentorship through lasting relationships, networking, academic and professional resources, and scholarships.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

The mission of St. Louis Balkan-American Connection is to connect developed professionals from various disciplines through the role of mentorship to members of the community. We hope to support and foster prosperous professionals through community engagement via networking, mentorship, academic guidance, workshops, events, and scholarships.

Mentoring and Networking At Its Best


Exchange information and opportunities while developing connections.


Expand your business ideas through services and collaboration.


Build and foster a stronger community.


Join and lead educational discussions to propel the next generation.


Contribute to the education of the future generation.


Share academic and professional opportunities.

Our Vision

The vision of St. Louis Balkan-American Connection is to establish a community of mentorship that will facilitate the advancement of young individuals in the education system and professional domains.


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Want to donate?

We rely on financial contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, and grants to accomplish our mission. We are a nonprofit,  501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization. Help us turn our past struggles into our future generations’ success. Help us turn our community from one that is concentrated on surviving to one that continues thriving.


How can I find the right mentor for me?

Please click on our “Mentors” page and browse our current directory of mentors. If you are interested in a profession that is not listed, please click on the “Contact” page, send us a message, and we’ll try to find a mentor in the field you are looking for!

Does it cost to become a mentor or to use a mentor?

NO! The email contact information for mentors is located on our “Mentors” page. It is completely free to access. Our mentors volunteer their time in order to support our mission and vision.

What are the requirements to be a mentor?

To become a mentor, you would need to have at least two years of experience in your field. You also need to agree to be featured on our social media and web pages and volunteer your time to help someone who may be interested in your field.

What are my options if I don’t want to be featured as a mentor but want to help the organization?

We are always looking for volunteers to help us grow our organization; please reach out to us by clicking on the “Contact” button on our webpage.

Another way to help is by donating to our organization, please click on the “Donate” button.